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Conversations With Alexis

Feb 22, 2018

As your run your race in a world full of distractions, there comes a time when you have to pull out your Blinders.  Let's have a conversation about it today.  What are they, how do we use them and how can they help us?

Feb 15, 2018

There is a scripture in 2 Timothy that speaks of stirring up the gifts that are within you.  When I think of that scripture I think of Melissa D.  She is known as “The Activator” because her life’s purpose is to help people get activated.  My prayer is that something she shares in our conversation would flow...

Feb 15, 2018

Welcome back!  I have missed you guys and I'm excited about Season 2 of CWA.  Just want to chat with you about it and tell you what's in store.