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Conversations With Alexis

Mar 15, 2018

Join me this week as I have a fascinating conversation with Marcus Y. Rosier. I had the pleasure of sitting down face to face with him to discuss his fantastic concept of Winning The Day and I met a man on a mission to change the world – one person at a time.  He has an amazing story of success, lessons learned and more success. What I love about our conversation is he doesn’t just introduce us to a concept, he walks us through a strategy. He’s not content with winning alone, he authentically wants us all to join him on the journey and win at this thing called life. His joy for his life work is infectious, his heart is sincere, his wisdom is overflowing and his life is flourishing.  I left our conversation educated, inspired, challenged and ready to win everyday.  I hope you do the same. Listen well my friends...this conversation could change your life. ***Available on iTunes, GooglePlay and ***