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Conversations With Alexis

Jul 6, 2017

Welcome to Part 1 of Episode 013 of Conversations With Alexis.  This is the first 2-part episode for us.  When I sat down for this conversation with Carletta I had no idea where exactly we would go.  I learned so much about her and the battle she fought and the victory she won.  She gives us real and transparent information about fighting and winning and living beyond.  I encourage any and everyone who knows someone who has fought the battle against cancer to listen in.  Learn how to support, learn about the challenges they face and learn how to help others currently fighting. Part 1 walks us through her journey, but you have to come back next week for Part 2 where you hear about her life after surviving to thriving!  I believe everyone who faces this fight against cancer wins.  Some win through the open door to eternal life and others win to fight another day here on earth.  Every fighter gets a victory.  Join me for a conversation about this fight.