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Conversations With Alexis

Mar 22, 2018

Today’s conversation felt like we were on a sofa with some ice tea and we offered you a seat and a glass. Jackie Brewton has a wonderful way of welcoming you in and then empowering your spirit, all while you think you are just having a conversation. I know that’s why teens and their parents treasure the jewel that she is. For over 16 years she has dedicated her life to helping teens make good choices and giving parents a glimpse into the minds of their teens. She has a gift of relevance, a voice that teens glean from and the testimony of speaking into the lives of thousands of youth. Her heart for her purpose shines through and I know you will feel it in this conversation. If you are a parent of a teen, a teenager or you come in contact with teens or simply want to understand them more– this conversation today is for you!